Good News!An Article Co-authored by CCRC is Published in the China Medical Device Information

Congratulations to Junyue Pharmaceutical Registration and Regulation Team Li Jiyan for co-authoring the [Academic Sharing] YY/T 0803.1-2022 Standard Interpretation of “Dental Root Canal Instruments Part 1: General Requirements”, which was published in “China Medical Device Information” magazine, 2022, No. 28 Volume 11! [Academic sharing] Interpretation of the standard of YY/T 0803.1-2022 “Dental Science Root Canal Instruments Part 1: General Requirements” Author: Shen Lisi1 Zhou Liangbin1 Li Jiyan2 Pei Xiaohui3* Unit: 1 Guangdong Medical Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (Guangzhou, Guangdong 510663) 2 Junyue Pharmaceutical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai 201208) 3 China Medical Device Industry Association (Beijing 100022)   Abstract: By interpreting the latest general standard for root canal instruments, YY/T 0803.1-2022, and comparing it with YY 0803.1-2010, the